Subnet and Testnet Incentive

Janus Network
2 min readNov 26, 2022
Subnet Launch

Janus Network is launched as a testnet. Janus Hub applications and Dragonia game will be launched on the subnet as a phase. We will share the information you need to test with the testers as a video demo.

After subnet tools and single stake development tests are done, we will share the necessary information for the Janus Network for testers to add the network to your metamask wallet.

Testnet Incentive

100 NFT tester badge will be minted for testnet participants. In order to win NFT, you must first fill out the form and if you successfully complete the tasks, you will be given your role in the discord channel to mint your NFT.

Application Form


A subnet, or subnetwork, is a dynamic set of validators working together to achieve consensus on the state of a set of blockchains. Each blockchain is validated by exactly one subnet. A subnet can validate many blockchains. A node may be a member of many subnets.

Gas token (JNS)

JNS is the gas token of Janus Network.

Fee Covering Model

Contract owners can choose to pay transaction fees on behalf of users that interact with their contract.

*This payment mode can be switched on/off whenever the contract owner chooses.



Janus Network

Janus Network is a private blockchain for gaming and defi applications that leverages Avalanche Network’s existing infrastructure and security.