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3 min readAug 26, 2023

Janus Pools

The Janus Pools component of the roadmap involves the implementation of a system where validators host contracts and delegators pay fees to delegate to these validators. The contract system has been successfully developed and is currently in the process of being integrated with the user interface. This innovative approach to delegating and staking brings a decentralized and secure mechanism to the Janus ecosystem.

Janus Wallet

The first alpha version of the Janus Wallet is complete and ready for testing. Although the core functionality is in place, some final arrangements are being made to enhance the user interface and overall user experience. After these adjustments, the Janus Wallet will be submitted to the Google Chrome Store to list it as an extension. This step will allow wider accessibility and ease of use for users looking to interact with the Janus ecosystem.

NYX Marketplace

The NYX Marketplace, a significant component of the Janus project, has been successfully integrated with the user interface. This marketplace is poised to bring a new level of utility and value to the Janus ecosystem. Excitingly, the NYX Marketplace is scheduled to be released on the Janus testnet soon. This anticipated release will enable users to experience the marketplace’s features and capabilities firsthand.

Janus Swap

The Janus Swap contract implementation has been completed, marking a crucial milestone in the roadmap. With this contract in place, the team is now shifting focus towards developing a user-friendly interface for the swap functionality. This development will make it easy for users to seamlessly exchange assets within the Janus ecosystem, enhancing liquidity and accessibility.

Janus Dapp

Deployments of the Janus Dapp contracts to the Janus testnet have been successfully executed. This Dapp introduces classical stake and farming pools similar to those seen in the Avalanche network, offering users opportunities to participate in yield farming and staking. This expansion of the Janus ecosystem to include decentralized applications adds depth and variety to the overall user experience.

Integration and Research Progress

  • The integration of the JNS token with Layerzero and its upcoming transition to the OFT token marks a significant development in the Janus project. This strategic move brings forth a host of benefits that are poised to enhance the overall functionality, utility, and value proposition of the ecosystem.
  • The integration of the Nerve Bridge and Swap functionality for the JNS token represents a significant advancement in the Janus project’s ecosystem. This integration brings forth a seamless and secure mechanism for users to bridge their JNS tokens between different networks, starting from the testnet and eventually extending to the mainnet.
  • As the Janus Network continues its evolution, the project’s commitment to innovation and scalability is evident in its proactive exploration of Layer 2 solutions. While Janus Network currently operates as a Layer 1 blockchain, the team recognizes the potential benefits that Layer 2 solutions can offer in terms of scalability, efficiency, and user experience. Here’s an overview of the research and considerations surrounding the implementation of Layer 2 for the Janus Network:
  • Layer 2 Scalability: Layer 2 solutions have gained prominence for their ability to address the scalability challenges faced by Layer 1 blockchains. These solutions build upon existing blockchains and introduce mechanisms that allow a higher volume of transactions to be processed off-chain, while still retaining the security guarantees of the underlying Layer 1 blockchain. By adopting a Layer 2 solution, Janus Network aims to enhance its capacity to handle a larger number of transactions without compromising security or decentralization.

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Janus Network

Janus Network is a private blockchain for gaming and defi applications that leverages Avalanche Network’s existing infrastructure and security.