Janus Network — Sustainable Economy

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2 min readOct 23, 2022
Janus Network — Sustainable Economy

In this article we will take a deep dive into our vision on how to build and maintain a sustainable token economy.

Why blockchain gaming has a bad reputation?

The fact that it’s new to most gamers affects how they perceive blockchain gaming, but it would be too simple to say that doubts about blockchain gaming are purely related to it being unknown. The reality is that a lot of the blockchain games people have gotten to experience so far struggle with a number of issues:

  • Blockchain games often don’t provide genuinely high quality and fun gameplay.
  • Blockchain games generally suffer from a difficult onboarding experience.
  • Many blockchain games are built upon an unsustainable economic model.
  • In most blockchain games, the rewards are guaranteed on a stake-based basis.
  • We can say that most blockchain games start with a big economy, with high hype and high NFT supply.
  • The economic model of blockchain games should be dynamic according to the number of players and game variables.

A better experience for ecosystem

With Janus Network ecosystem we’re looking to solve all of the issues mentioned above for the early adopters in the space and, in time, turn the perception of gamers worldwide on its head, welcoming them to a better world that fulfills the promise of true ownership, revenue sharing, and long-lived games built with the community.

Sustainable Economy Components

  • NFT Mint
  • Token Sales
  • Algo trade
  • Validators
  • NFT Royalties
  • Defi as a service (NYX)
  • Ecosystem Projects
  • Merch
  • Developers
  • Burn Mechanism
  • Dynamic Game Mechanism
  • On-chain & Off-chain rewards
  • Meta transactions

We will take a deep dive into the “Sustainable Economy Components” listed above one by one.



Janus Network

Janus Network is a private blockchain for gaming and defi applications that leverages Avalanche Network’s existing infrastructure and security.