Burn Event and Tokenomics

Janus Network
Aug 25, 2022

Burn Event — 29 August

  • 2M $JNS will be burnt on the day of listing.
  • After burning, the total supply and circulation supply will be 8M.
  • JNS token normally charges 2% tax on every transfer. These taxes will be collected in the burn wallet and burned periodically. Burn Wallet: 0x689E21bCe47Cfe5bC2B67A601752AA6Bf67CD4d9
  • On the listing day, the fees collected from the token tax in the burn wallet will be burned by an announcement.


Name: Janus Network
Symbol: JNS
Total Supply: 10,000,000
Contract Adress: 0x7A023A408F51c23760Eb31190fc731bc12B52954

Note: Team tokens will be burned with 2M and there will be no team tokens.



Janus Network

Janus Network is a private blockchain for gaming and defi applications that leverages Avalanche Network’s existing infrastructure and security.